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Rodent Removal Services in St. Paul, MN

Mouse in St. Paul, MN

When you are facing a rodent infestation, you cannot afford to waste time. At our pest control company, we offer effective and efficient rodent removal services. Are you struggling to get rid of unwanted pests that continue to scatter throughout your home? Our professional mouse and rat exterminator is readily available to you. We have more than 20 years of experience and we are also licensed, bonded, and insured. When you count on us to exterminate rodents and pests, you are well on your way to keeping your property a healthy and safe space.

Your Trustworthy Rat Exterminator
Our professional rat exterminator will inspect your property closely and make all areas rodent-proof by setting traps and applying humane rodent control measures. Rodents are able to enter your home from various openings—some that may not even be visible. However, we have the skills and knowledge to secure all holes and entry points to ensure that our services are effective and reliable at all times. Contact us today for a free, no-hassle consultation. We work within your budget.

Choose the responsible rodent elimination team. Our pest control company made a point to adopt humane and environmentally friendly measures to ensure the safety of your family. Our humane methods do away with toxic chemicals and violent traps in favor of methods that protect you and the animals. As a result, you prevent exposing your family to poison, and even guard your home from toxic residues.

The Risks behind a Rat Infestation

A rat infestation does more than ruin the appeal of your home. It can easily compromise the health and safety of your property. While rats and mice may appear charming, they are carriers of disease. Even worse, their behavior inside your home always leaves your property prone to damage. This can lead to energy inefficiency, leaks, power outages, and even contaminated food. However, there are signs you can look out for to know when to consider rat or mouse removal.

Rats and mice seek shelter in your home due to warmth. When rodents take up residence in your property, they settle within the walls and scurry above the ceiling, where it is warm and insulated. As such, whenever you hear scampering noises or scratching within your walls, ducts, or ceiling, then you may require a rat or mouse removal service.

Rats and mice are known to chew through pipes and electric wires. Consequently, they can easily cause power outages and short circuits, which pose a fire hazard. In addition, rodents reproduce rapidly. An increase in rodents also means running into droppings and urine more frequently, which breeds disease. Don’t let stray rodents contaminate your home or pantry. Protect your property and family with our effective rodent pest control services.

Exterminator Spraying around a Sofa in St. Paul, MN

When to Consider Mice and Rat Control

Our residential customers rely on us for mice and rat control in the spring, summer, or fall seasons. We are patient when it comes to eliminating rodents that are particularly difficult to get rid of. With our professional help, you will be able to eliminate uncertainty and feel confident knowing that we are on your side. After all, a home free from pests is a safe and sanitary home.

When your home is protected from mice and rats, you are able to go about your daily routine with ease. As such, it makes sense to implement measures that stop rodents from even thinking about settling within your walls. Our solutions also include comprehensive prevention plans. We stop rodent infestations before they even have a chance to begin.

Rodent Pest Control and Prevention
From inspection to removal, we do it all! At our rodent pest control company, we also specialize in mouse and rat preventive measures. The easy part is getting rid of rats and mice. The tricky part is keeping them from coming back. Our success speaks for itself! No rodent or mouse has ever defeated us. Quick and efficient removal, as well as long-term mouse and rodent prevention—we are the number-one choice in the local area.

Rodents have a tendency to sneak into properties through tiny holes and ducts. As such, controlling them involves removing rat sand mice, as well as preventing their re-entry. Count on our team to keep your home free from pests. After initial service, we inspect the perimeter of your home for potential points of entry. Then, we install strong mouse repellant in strategic locations so rodents are less likely to invade your property.

Our mouse and rat exterminators are specially trained and experienced in the removal of pests. We carefully examine your home for rodent activity, and we devise thorough plans to ensure decisive results. Our exterminators set up bait and traps throughout your home to catch rodents where they are the most active. Put simply, we adapt to your situation so you are able to save your time, money, and health.

Exterminate Rodents with Ease
Your property is in good hands when you count on us to exterminate rodents for you. We know how to outsmart any type of rodent that is invading your home. Funny name, serious results-and we mean it. Our experts don’t leave until you are completely satisfied. We are committed to helping you feel safe again with our comprehensive pest control measures.

Our rodent removal services in St. Paul are also available to customers in North St. Paul, Minneapolis, White Bear Lake, and Eagan, MN. Contact us today to schedule a service!